Sieving the right way

  • Sieving Expert Guide

    A guidance to the terminology and general information for test sieves and equipment for particle analysis

Endecotts provide all the equipment necessary to perform meaningful particle size analysis using sieves.

It is important to consider not only the sieving process itself but also taking a representative sample, ensuring repeatability of your sieving test, evaluation of your result, the proper cleaning of the sieves, together with checks to ensure that your sieves are compliant.

Endecotts provide the full package to receive accurate and repeatable results every time!

Let’s consider the steps in a little more detail:


Efficient sampling is a task which must be performed conscientiously. A sample should represent the bulk quantity of material as closely as possible, otherwise any subsequent analysis carried out on the sample will at best be an utter waste of time, and at worst grossly misleading.

Gross samples can be sub-divided into one or more smaller samples by hand or mechanically using a sample divider.

Sample Preparation

If the sample is moist or even wet you may need to dry it. The behavioural characteristics of powders change considerably when moist or wet.

The Endecotts Fluid Bed Dryer FBD 2000 is a compact, portable dryer. Its powerful air delivery system makes drying a very fast operation.

The fluidisation mixes and separates the particles, minimising the risk of abrasion and the creation of lumps and resulting in a truly representative sample

High airflow rates of the fluid bed dryer provide an excellent transfer of heat and ensure much faster and more homogeneous drying than other methods such as ovens, microwaves or vacuum drying.

High Quality Sieves

At Endecotts every single analytical test sieve is individually manufactured under the most stringent quality control procedures using only the finest materials. We use the most advanced computer scanning techniques to ensure precise test sieve apertures. Our skill and experience ensures you will not only receive a test sieve that looks and feels good, but one that offers a degree of accuracy second to none.

They are made with only the highest quality materials and are available in diameter sizes of 38, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 315, 350, 400 or 450 mm as well as in 3, 8, 12 or 18 inches.

Woven wire mesh sieves can be supplied with aperture sizes ranging from 125 mm down to 20 microns in full and half height versions.

They are available in frame materials of either brass or stainless steel.

Many other sieves are available from perforated plate and electroformed plate for specialist applications in the Coffee, Grain and Diamond industries.

More information is found on our sieve page.

Even if the sieves that you require are not there we can make them for you!

Sieve Shakers

Endecotts have a wide range of laboratory sieve shakers.

The Octagon 200, Octagon 200CL, Minor 200 and Air Jet Sieving Machine Air Sizer 200 have been especially designed to accommodate the exacting requirements of the modern laboratory.

Ergonomically designed and with a fresh look, Endecotts sieving machines are ideal for your busy laboratory. All our sieves shakers are designed to ensure repeatability in your sieving test. All of our models have a 3D sieving motion allows for high separation efficiency and non blinding sieving action.

The Octagon 200 CL is even more advanced and has a 'Closed Loop' total amplitude control ensures reproducible sieving together with full compatibility with new SieveWare evaluation and control software via RS232 Port (printed or digital protocols).


Endecotts SieveWare is a sieve software for particle size analyses.

It exceeds manual evaluation in many aspects, due to the fact that the software is able to automatically control the necessary measurement and weighing procedures – from the registration of the weight of the sieve up to the evaluation of the data. All available parameters as well as the characteristics can be entered.

After the sieve analysis is completed, the loaded sieves are reweighed. By determining the weight difference, the program automatically detects the mass proportions and assigns them accordingly to the corresponding fractions.

SieveWare calculates all common particle distributions as well as the characteristic values of the particle size, thus making it possible to present the results in standard presentation forms, such as tables and charts. Cumulative throughput or residual values, distribution density and histograms can be included in the standard particle size distributions.


The Endecotts Ultrasonic Cleaner quickly and gently removes sample residues from test sieves, without damaging the mesh material. An ultrasonic cleaner not only increases the lifetime of test sieves, it is especially recommended for small apertures. For reliable results, cleaning is recommended after each analysis.

Endecotts Recertification Service

Regularly used test sieves will eventually suffer from 'wear and tear' – which can mean inaccurate results. Sieves should therefore be re-inspected at appropriate intervals to ensure they continue to comply with their intended specification. In fact, regular Sieve Recertification is essential if test sieves are to meet the requirements of the test sieve specification.

An alternative is to buy our Calibration Samples which are an extremely quick and efficient method of ensuring that your sieves are within the required specification.