Sonic Sifter

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The Sonic Sifter is a precision instrument for the rapid separation of a wide variety of dry particles and powders in the fine micron range.

It will successfully separate samples down to 5 micron in as little as one minute, sometimes less, with consistent repeatability.


  • Outstanding value
  • Simple to operate
  • Unique action
  • Very quick cycle time - typically less than one minute
  • Virtually no attrition of sample
  • Virtually no screen wear
  • Very quiet operation


Range 5 ┬Ám - 5.60 mm
Sieving motion sonic pulsing
Max. number of sieves 1 - 6
Speed 3,600 pulses / min at 50/60 Hz
Process time 0 - 99.9 min
Model benchtop
Electrical supply different voltages available
W x H x D 254 mm x 585 mm x 302 mm
Net weight ~ 16.8 kg
Standards CE


The Sonic Sifter sieving action, which can be varied for different densities and textures of material, is unique. A vertical column of air is created to oscillate through a sieve or set of sieves. The motion of the air alternately lifts the sample and then assists it through the sieve apertures. The oscillation amplitude is variable.

A vertical mechanical pulse may also be applied to the sieves at regular intervals to break down any clustered particles and help eliminate any blinding of the apertures.

An important feature of the Sonic Sifter is that it causes very little attrition of the sample and virtually no screen wear.

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