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Endecotts supplies a wide variety of sample collection probes for all types of sample collection:

Heavy duty sample scoops produced in highest quality 316 stainless steel. Crevice free to reduce contamination and easy to clean. Radiused corners for easy cleaning.

Ideal for taking samples of free flowing powders and granules. Samples from depths of  2,500 mm. Robust construction in high quality 316 stainless steel. Inserting the sampler into the bulk forces sleeve up sample chamber to close opening. At required depth the sampler is pulled up enough to open the chamber and allow the sample to fill it.


The Slot Sampler is ideal for taking samples of free flowing powders and granules, even slightly cohesive powders where a large volume of sample is required without the need to retain the distribution from different depths. Produced in high quality 316 stainless steel.
A rotating sleeve is used to open and close slots in a hollow core and fill with sample. The sample can be recovered by simply tipping it out through the open end of the handle of the sampler. A bottle can be fitted to the sampler for easier handling.

Manufactured from high quality 316 stainless steel for the collection of large volume samples of cohesive powders. Along one side of the lance is a slot one edge of which forms a scraper.  The sampler is inserted into the bulk and rotated - the scraper simply scoops sample into the slot. The screw tip can be removed and the sample pushed out into a suitable container using the sample ejection rod.

Similar to the Slot Sampler above but with pockets in the inner rod for taking a set of multi level samples from free flowing powders and granules. The sampler is simple to use and comes with a removable tip for thorough cleaning. Manufactured in 316 Stainless Steel.

Specially designed with a 'chisel' end to enable samples to be taken through the sides of a sack or bag. Manufactured in 316 Stainless Steel.
A bottle adapter can be used to take samples of 250 ml or 500 ml. The open ended version allows as much sample as required to be poured out into a bag or other receptacle.


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