Recertification Service

Regularly used test sieves will eventually suffer from 'wear and tear' – which  can mean inaccurate results. Sieves should therefore be re-inspected at appropriate intervals to ensure they continue to comply with their intended specification. In fact, regular Re-certification is essential if test sieves are to meet the requirements of the test sieve specification.

Endecotts Re-certification Service is designed to meet the needs of the modern laboratory or testing station that requires an inexpensive sieve re-examination and certification service.

Endecotts Recertification Service includes:

  1. A visual check for broken wires or damaged mesh, confirmation that the tension is satisfactory, and excessive blinding and pegging.
  2. A visual check of solder joints for crevices.
  3. A gauge check on the diameter and roundness of the sieve frame and rim.
  4. Measurement of the mesh for compliance to the appropriate current specification using calibrated apparatus suitable for the aperture size and sieve medium.
  5. A summary of the certification status of the re-certified sieves.
  6. Appropriate certification.
Please note that we do NOT clean, repair or adjust sieves received for Re-certification.
  • Should you only require mesh inspection, please specify this on your Purchase Order, we will then omit points 2 and 3 (applies to compliance certificates only.)
  • Compliant sieves will be:
  • Recertified in line with your requirements.
  • Place in a polythene bag, re-boxed and labelled appropriately.
Where sieves are submitted in serviceable boxes these will be used to return the sieve to you.  We will not return your sieves in someone else’s boxes.

Rejected sieves
  • Midpoint sieves will be checked for compliance at standard tolerance and certified accordingly if a pass is obtained.
  • Sieves not passing at standard tolerance will be returned with the box labelled as "FAIL".
  • The examination will normally take 7 - 10 working days, once the order is issued to the Inspection Department.  Please allow additional time if payment will be by Proforma.
  • All Sieves with single woven wire mesh or square hole perforated plate can be returned for re-calibration or re-inspection.
  • Please note that sieves for Re-certification must be clean and free from sample contamination, blinding and, so far as possible, pegging. (Excessive blinding or pegging of apertures may cause the sieves to fail).
  • Sieves for Re-certification must be returned in line with our Returns Policy.  
Soiled sieves will be failed and returned accordingly.  We will not inspect sieves in a condition likely to compromise our inspection environment or equipment

Please fill out this return form for sieves for recertification service.

When returning the sieves, you need to attach this form and your purchase order outside the box (in suitable envelope) and send to

Endecotts Ltd
Recertification Department.
9 Lombard Road,
SW19 3UP

Example Certificates