Endecotts - 80 Year Of Excellence

A Family Affair

Endecotts Ltd., was originally started by Arthur Endecott in 1936, not far away in Kingston Road, in a small workshop above Cleggs garage and then to slightly larger premises also on Kingston Road.

During this time Endecotts produced fabricated mesh filters and similar products to supply local industry requirements. During the war years Endecotts supported the war effort by using their engineering skills to produce parts for the Ministry of Defence, amongst other products.

Arthur’s son Albert, developed the business further and moved it to a 10,000 sq.ft. facility at its present site, Lombard Road in 1959. It wasn’t long before the Company needed additional space and a second manufacturing floor and additional offices were built above the existing building in 1965.

Expansion And Development

Endecotts were acquired by a then supplier N.Greenings who were manufacturers of woven wire mesh. Greening were acquired by Johnson & Firth Brown in the 70’s and Endecotts joined the light Engineering Division of JFB, who in time became Firth Rixson Plc. Firth Rixson are specialist producers of ring rolled products and heavy forged components for the aerospace industry.

Endecotts were part of Firth Rixson for 27 years. Considered as ‘non-core’ by Firth Rixson, Endecotts was acquired in September 2005 by the management team and external Investors.

Endecotts became part of the Verder Group in 2010. Since then the company has undergone a modernisation process and realized a complete new line of state-of-the-art sieve shakers.

Present Day

Today, Endecotts, located in South Wimbledon, offers a wide range of high-quality sieves in different sizes and materials and the levels of certification meet every national and international standard and every industrial specification, including ISO 3310 and ASTM E-11, around the world.

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